The Legacy Project | The Stancato's

They were married on August 1, 2009. They enjoyed several years of marriage before they decided it was time to expand their family. But, as we already know, it doesn't always happen the way we plan it.

For three years they battled infertility. They started how everyone starts and realized it wasn't working. They reached out for help after awhile of no results and tried several methods of fertility treatments, again with no results. They were frustrated. Of course they were frustrated. Who wouldn't be? This journey is one of the most difficult (in my opinion) because there is no closure and you can't control the outcome, no matter how hard you try.

When they weren't getting the results they'd hoped for they reached out to a pastor to talk and receive some encouragement. The pastor told them to just relax and take the pressure off of themselves. This can be easier said than done and is often something said to couples going through this journey. This journey is a battle, and as Lindsay and Tony said to me, "There were times when we held on to the smallest sliver of hope." But that's what keeps us going, you know? Those slivers of hope.

They chose to do their best to relax, and at this time, when their hope seemed to be at it's lowest, they found a book that seemed to fill them back up. It's called The Circle Maker. They say the book increased their faith tremendously and showed them what God was truly capable of and to really live a life of prayer and faith. They started searching the Bible and circling the promises in the Bible that God had made, they started praying specifically for what they hoped for, twin babies, and a house filled with joy and laughter of children.

After they started praying these prayers and really focusing on God, they had a peace about going through IVF (in vitro fertilization). They figured the appointments would take awhile to schedule but they were able to get right in. It took one round of IVF and they were pregnant. Pregnant with twins. They cried tears of joy the day they found out, and they prayed and thanked God for answering their prayers. Lindsay and Tony said of the experience, "We were in awe of God's amazing power and his love for us."

When I asked Tony what was the most difficult part of this journey for him, he replied, "Watching Lindsay go through this." Oh, those husbands, the protectors. I can't express this enough. Husbands that love their wives so much that they hurt for them when they go through pain. It's sincerely beautiful.

Tony and Lindsay have offered this encouragement to anyone going through a trying time, "If you are going through difficulties, we encourage you to find your sliver of hope and hold on to it. God's plans for you are far greater than your own. Often times it's on the other side of our greatest challenges that you find your biggest blessing."