Nate + Emily | Married

A day full of love, their favorite people, flowers, sunshine, and the chance to declare their love to the world. Weddings are special like that. So much preparation and a huge celebration! This one was no different, but what caught my attention the most was the way Nate and Emily looked at each other. So incredibly in love and you could tell by the way their eyes met and the way they interacted.

The day was perfect. Warm and sunny and from my perspective, everything seemed to be in place. Only a couple small hiccups to deal with which isn't bad for a wedding. Both Nate and Emily were cool and collected, yet incredibly excited. The day went amazingly well and ended with those beautiful golden hour images.

This couple is so in love. I knew it when I was photographing their wedding day, but it became ever so apparent when I was working on their photos. Look at how they look at each other, you'll see it when you go through these images. I was honored to photograph such a gorgeous day. Take a look at their gallery and leave them some love below!